Add 3D Textures to your Models

The MoveUp plug-in for Rhino let's you add 3D textures to your models and making them ready for fabrication or prototyping. These textures are applied to the surfaces by mapping PNG images.

Mesh & Remesh tools

A set of tools to convert surfaces to meshes, and to refine existing meshes for better results. You can even create single meshes from polysurfaces.

Create PNG images

You can use existing bump maps, or you can create your own textures from 3D models or scans. MoveUp creates image maps with more than the normal 256 shades of gray to ensure better quality.

Control size and height 

Make sure that the texture you are applying has the correct size and depth.

High Detail

Have full control on the resolution of the final texture

Control the edges

You can control how the texture behaves at the edges by applying a fade filter that can either end the texture as fillet or a ramp, or simply by closing the sides.

Available in 9 languages

MoveUp is available in 9 of Rhino's languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Polish, Czech, Chinese).

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